ACI American Concrete

Aberdeen’s Master’s Certification


Finishes for Concrete Floors on Ground

ADA Americans With
Disabilities Act

A. S. T. M. C-1028-89 (Slip Resistance Testing)

ATF Academy of Textile & Flooring

Senior Textile Inspector,
Resilient Flooring Inspector, Concrete Moisture and pH Testing

CFI Certified FloorCovering Installers Association, Installation


CTEF Accredited Ceramic tile Inspector
CTEF Accredited Ceramic Tile Inspector. Corporate Seal of Approval
CTEF Accredited Ceramic Installer – Certificate
FTSA Fiber Textile Seminars of America


Senior Inspector

FCITS Certified Carpet Inspector

Certified Hard Surface Inspector

Certified Commercial Flooring Carpet and Hard Surace Inspector

Certified Wood Floor Specialist

Certified Woven Broadloom Specialist

ICR International Certification Registry

Certified Senior Carpet Inspector

IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and

Senior Carpet Inspector

NWFA Certified Wood Flooring Inspector
NWFA/NOFMA National Wood Flooring
Association/National Oak Flooring Association

Accredited Installer

Installation; Nail Down; Direct Glue; Floating Floors; and Finishing

NOFMA The Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association. NOFMA Certified Wood Flooring Inspector
RFCI Resilient Floor Covering Institute, Instructor of Resilient
Flooring Installers
World of Concrete/World of Masonry Crack Injection: Epoxies

Concrete Repair Materials: Basics, Cementitious
Materials, Sealants and Other

Polymer Materials

Post-Tensions Slabs on Ground