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The Physics of Concrete and Vapor Emissions Damaging to Flooring

Concrete moisture damages floor often in the Las Vegas – Henderson area as the desert climate enhances upward movement of vapor.


Understanding flooring failures due to excessive concrete vapor emissions is to first realize the water within the concrete is the culprit. Although moisture can condense on the surface of the slab prior to being covered with a floor or floor coating, the most common source of moisture is from the concrete itself or water from surrounding soils moving into the concrete even water flowing toward the slab should the local landscaping be higher than the slab. Click here to read more »

What is Concrete?

The simple explanation of concrete is:

Concrete is a composite stone type material made of aggregate (sand and gravel) bonded together  by adding Portland Cement.  The various sizes of aggregate is what gives concrete much of its strength as the cement encapsulates the aggregate to become a hard and reasonably stable building material. It’s important to remember that there can be no such thing as concrete without adding water to the mix to create hydration.

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Choosing Your Wood Flooring

When choosing flooring materials made of wood, a few critical points should be considered.

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