Inspection Fees:

No two sites or circumstances are the same leaving us the need to discuss each case individually.

Please call us to discuss the flooring and problems with the flooring. The costs are related to the specific product installed, where the flooring is installed the problems with the flooring and the distance from our office in Sacramento.

Please call: (702) 803 0004 to discuss your flooring problems. We can quote you a guaranteed fee with the information given on the phone.
Inspection fees are due upon time of inspection. The Certified Inspection reports are legal documents written to offer as evidence in the event the opposing side refuses to offer resolution.

Court Expert Witness Fees:
Minimum Fee (½ day): 750.00
Over ½ day: 1300.00 per day
Travel Time: 1000.00 per day (500.00 per half day)
Retainer: Per Agreement
Plus Actual Expenses: Mileage, Air Fare, Car Rental, Lodging, Meals
Litigation Case and Document Review:
Per case minimum: 4 hours – 270.00 per hour.
Retainer 4 hours or per agreement