A Certified Inspector is trained to inspect flooring problems and render an opinion as to what party is responsible for the flooring failure.

Certified Inspectors are trained to give independent opinions, based on observations and tests.

The areas of responsibility may be one of five:

  1. The Manufacturer
  2. The Installer
  3. The Consumer
  4. The Specifier
  5. Acts of Nature
  • THE MANUFACTURE  is responsible for defects in the floor that are either visible or latent.
  • THE INSTALLER  is responsible for any installation that is not to industry standards or manufacturer specifications.
  • THE CONSUMER  is responsible for any problems that relate to poor maintenance or damage.
  • THE SPECIFIER  is responsible for any product which is installed or placed in a use for which it is not designed.
  • ACTS OF NATURE  are defined as situations and/or conditions beyond the control of man.


WARNING:  It is advisable to ask questions of an inspector prior to commissioning his or her services.

Some questions to ask are:

  1. How many years of industry experience?    (15 years minimum is best)
  2. How many years of experience as an independent inspector? (minimum of 3 years is best)
  3. Background:  Any installation experience?  Sales experience?   Manufacturing Experience?  (Installation and Sales are helpful, if not the best combination)